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How can trucking companies protect drivers from injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries are not uncommon among truck drivers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), truck drivers commonly sustain strains and sprains (making up 50% of all injuries), bruises, fractures, soreness and pain, cuts and lacerations and multiple traumatic injuries.

Different factors contribute to these injuries, including overexertion, being struck by an object, falls, transportation accidents and so on. Trucking companies can take the following steps to protect their drivers:

Reminding drivers of safe practices

In addition to the initial safety training truck drivers will go through, a trucking company should keep reminding them of safe practices to observe. The company can do this by having whiteboards at the facility with adequate information regarding safety measures, such as conducting pre-trip inspections.

It can also be beneficial to create an email campaign focused on safety topics, including speeding violations, rest, maintenance of safe following distances, driving in different weather conditions, communication, distractions and so on.

Further, trucking companies should have regular meetings to discuss any shortfalls in safety precautions to implement appropriate solutions sooner.

Having realistic schedules

Unrealistic schedules contribute to a significant percentage of unsafe practices by truck drivers. Trucking companies should have realistic schedules that allow drivers to practice safety measures, such as taking breaks.

Encouraging drivers to report safety hazards

Trucking companies should actively encourage drivers to report any safety hazards they spot at the company facilities or on the road. This way, the company can act accordingly. For example, if a driver reports a particular road has been severely affected by harsh weather, the company can change their route to avoid it.

If the trucking company you work for fails to observe its duties, causing you to sustain a work injury, learn more about your case to be fairly compensated.