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Advocating For Employees Who Suffered A Work Accident

There are as many different kinds of worker injuries as there are parts of the human body. Serious accidents on the job can result in damage to an employee’s core, extremities, internal organs and mental state. Problems ranging from soft-tissue injuries to those caused by repetitive stress and “continuous trauma,” to stroke and heart attack, can disable a worker temporarily or long term.

If one of those dire health situations sound familiar, if you or a loved one is sidelined from employment by an injury and workers’ compensation benefits are needed as soon as possible, our law firm is on your side. When an insurer wants to shortchange you with the bare minimum of benefits, we know where the benefits are buried — and how to make them available to you.

Common Accidents In The Workplace

Our law firm frequently works with clients who suffered sudden accidents while on the job, including:

  • Falling from heights, ladders, roofs or scaffolding
  • Burns from hot engines, boilers, ovens, liquids or fire
  • Crushing accidents, such as those involving heavy machinery or those requiring amputation
  • Severe cuts and disfigurement
  • Electrocution
  • Trucking accidents
  • Hypothermia or heat exhaustion

In addition, we help clients who face work injuries that developed gradually over several months or years on the job, such as:

  • Toxic chemical and asbestos exposure
  • High blood pressure and heart disease
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Hearing or vision loss

The Law Office of Howard J. Stevens, APC, has served San Diego County clients for more than 35 years and aggressively advocates for your right to pursue workers’ comp benefits that recoup lost wages, medical expenses and any setback associated with disability. You will be coordinating closely with a lawyer whose employer/insurance defense background can work to your advantage.

We Have Seen All Types Of Workplace Accident Injuries — And Know Where The Real Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Buried.

Did your job accident result from — repetitive movements that led to physical and/or emotional impairment? Was it a sudden, painful accident while working with malfunctioning heavy machinery? Did you fall from great heights? Did job pressures in a hectic production environment cause your heart attack or emotional distress?

You would think that an employer would feel empathy for your problem, reward your hard work with constructive action and address remedies right away — but many do not. At times like these, there is no substitute for the active participation of a dedicated, compassionate workplace accident attorney. And our law firm’s founder is a certified specialist in workers’ comp claims.

Consult A Prominent Law Firm Focused On Work Accidents

Your accident should not force you to pay for your own medical treatment. As an injured employee, you have options. We have the answers and techniques you need to start recovering as fully as possible.

For these and any other workplace accident injury scenarios — not that you necessarily need an accident to be hurt, and suddenly off the job — please contact Law Office of Howard J. Stevens, APC, to learn about your rights. Call 619-880-4501 or reach us by email to arrange a free initial consultation. Home and hospital room visits are available by request. You owe no attorney fees whatsoever unless our lawyer wins your case and obtains benefits for you. Hablamos Espanol.