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Should I Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Typically, the first question an injured worker asks is, “Should I pursue workers’ compensation benefits?”

Our law firm, founded by experienced workplace accident injury attorney and certified specialist Howard J. Stevens, has the answer to that question, and many others. For more than 35 years of successful practice in San Diego County, Mr. Stevens has advocated for the rights of countless clients to obtain the benefits they deserved.

Our thorough knowledge of the legal process and payments system is grounded in Mr. Stevens’s prior professional life as an employer-leaning workers’ comp claims examiner for insurance companies. He has seen job accident injury claims and appeals requested, contested and executed from a variety of valuable perspectives.

We Work Hard To Win The Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Deserve

A list of serious job accidents that may qualify the injured worker to apply for benefits would include:

  • Accidents that develop from continuous trauma, eventually leading to serious physical and/or emotional impairment
  • Falls from great heights, due to a ladder or scaffold in need of repair
  • Violent contact with falling objects
  • Defects or malfunctions in heavy work machinery that cause injuries
  • Slip and falls on unsafe terrain
  • Motor vehicle accidents while driving a company-owned car, truck, van or others
  • Severe burns from fires and explosions
  • Repetitive stress injuries to arms, legs, backs and necks
  • Stress-related and emotional issues
  • Noise factors such as in warehouses and factories, that cause hearing loss
  • Any accident that causes concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord damage

These are just a few of the dangerous situations that can result in expensive hospitalization, health care treatment costs, lost wages, and the possibility of temporary or permanent disability. We urge you to contact the Law Office of Howard J. Stevens, APC, if injuries sustained in a life-changing on-the-job accident are being overlooked by an unsympathetic employer and its insurer who, at best, will offer only bare minimum benefits. We know where the real benefits are buried — and how to pry them loose for you.

Just call 619-880-4501 or stay online to send an email message. Your initial consultation is a no-cost, no-obligation, completely confidential airing of your issues. If your condition has left you confined to your home or a hospital room, our lawyer can arrange to meet with you there. Hablamos Espanol.