Over 40 Years Of Experience In Workers’ Compensation

The Difference A Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Make

You might be hospitalized after a workplace injury, losing wages from time off the job and watching medical bills pile up. Your employer and its insurance company are unsympathetic. The doctor who they encouraged you to see downplays the seriousness of your condition. You may wind up having no job to go back to – unless an experienced attorney and certified specialist in workers’ compensation claims takes your case and comes to your rescue.

In San Diego County, that skilled lawyer is me, Howard J. Stevens, a former workers’ compensation claims examiner for insurance companies who “knows where the benefits are buried” and how to pry them loose.

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In-Depth Knowledge And Compassion For Your Situation

For 40 years, I have focused on the legal needs of workplace accident injury victims in Southern California. I am certified as a specialist in workers’ compensation by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

I represent clients in all types of cases before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in San Diego County. These job injury victims typically suffer from “continuous trauma” that can lead to more serious physical and emotional impairment as well as medical setbacks that include:

If you face these severe medical problems, I am ready to advocate for you at my firm, the Law Office of Howard J. Stevens, APC. In addition to developing a thorough understanding of the law and the administrative rules that apply to workers’ compensation, I spent years as a former employer/insurance defense attorney and a former workers’ compensation claims examiner. I know how adjusters and insurance companies think – and how to stay one step ahead of them.

Available To Meet With You

If you are an injured worker in need of experienced workers’ compensation representation, you can take comfort from my commitment to your overall financial recovery. The Law Office of Howard J. Stevens, APC, has a contingency fee policy, which means that you do pay legal fees unless you win compensation. Furthermore, your initial consultation is absolutely free.

I make every effort to accommodate you during this painful, stressful time. If you are confined to your home or hospital room, I can visit with you there.

You do not have to struggle with a job-related injury without knowing your options. Call 619-880-4501 or send me an email message.