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The health risks faced by respiratory therapist technicians

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

People who work in virtually all capacities in the medical profession can be at risk of injury and illness. From needle sticks to injuries from lifting patients to dealing with violent patients and family members and much more, health care professionals face unique and potentially dangerous conditions.

Let’s look at respiratory therapist technicians (RTTs). They support respiratory therapists. Many of the people they care for have serious breathing conditions like asthma and emphysema as well as other conditions like heart disease.

What are the workplace dangers?

Among the risks they face is the exposure to chemicals used in cleaning and disinfecting solutions for the equipment they work with. This is a common risk for many support employees in medical settings.

Repetitive motion injuries are also common. RTTs who work with the same pieces of equipment all day every day often suffer repetitive injuries from maneuvering these heavy and complex machines.

Those who work at RTTs, like other health care workers, are exposed to bloodborne pathogens as well as diseases and infections spread through body fluids, skin-to-skin contact and aerosolized droplets spread through coughs, sneezes and breathing. When people have respiratory issues, this is more likely to occur.

How do you protect your interests?

Even when people work in health care settings, they may hesitate to report a work-related injury or illness. However, it’s crucial to do so as soon as possible. In addition to getting the medical treatment you need, this helps you ensure that there’s a record of what happened. 

This can help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you need to cover medical expenses and lost wages if you need to be away from work for a time. If you’re having trouble getting the benefits to which you’re entitled, it may be wise to seek legal guidance.