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Have you been electrocuted in the office? 

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When discussing workplace injuries, it’s easy to focus solely on manual workers. While it is true that manual workers face a heightened risk of being injured, this doesn’t mean that office workers should be left out of the conversation completely. 

There are many potential hazards in an office space, with electricity being at the top of the list. What are some of the more common causes of electrocutions in the office

Extension cords 

In any building, there is a limited number of sockets available. Offices have to accommodate computers, printers, copying machines, and other forms of technology. The standard amount of sockets is highly unlikely to cover all of this. Thus, extension cords are frequently used. This means that the electricity coming from the main source can be shared out among other sockets. 

While this is extremely useful, it does not come without risks. It can be tempting to use an extension cord to its maximum capacity, but this poses a risk of causing it to become overloaded. If a worker comes into contact with the extension cord or machinery it is powering while it’s overloaded, they could be electrocuted. 

The presence of water 

The owners and managers of business premises must ensure that they are watertight and safe. If a building has not been shielded properly from the elements, leaks could begin to spring up. Leaks coming from the roof and windows could potentially enter the inner walls, where electrical wiring is present. This is a recipe for disaster and it could result in a staff member being electrocuted.   

Ultimately, electrocutions can be fatal so this is an important issue for employers to address. If you have been injured on the job, make sure you explore your options in terms of pursuing legal compensation