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Working in IT? Protect yourself against these injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Working in technology, you probably don’t think that you have to worry about serious injuries. However, there are actually several injuries that IT workers are at risk for.

From sitting at a computer for many hours at a time to typing for hours on end, there are multiple ways that you can get hurt. Here are some common injuries in IT and what you can do to prevent them.

  1. Compression injuries

One of the first injuries to watch out for is a compression injury like carpal tunnel syndrome. If you type regularly, it’s possible that your median nerve could be compressed and lead to pain and dysfunction.

If you’re having numbness or tingling in your hands or fingers, talk to your employer about seeking medical attention. Even if you don’t have carpal tunnel, you could be suffering from other compression injuries like cervical radiculopathy or ulnar nerve entrapment.

  1. Lumbar spinal injuries

The lower back can end up injured if you’re sitting very often. Why? Sitting requires the lower spine to accept a higher load for longer, leading to compression. Just by sitting, you could sprain or strain the ligaments in your back. The muscles can become weak, and your joints could be less mobile.

To help, get up from your seat and move around regularly. Try to exercise a few times a week, and focus on building up your core muscles. Finally, consider getting an ergonomic chair.

  1. Cervicogenic headaches

When your neck is out of alignment due to poor posture or strain, it can cause headaches. This type of headache leads to pain when you apply pressure to the neck at certain points and when you try to turn your neck. Doing light neck exercises and monitoring your posture can help you avoid these headaches and neck injuries.

These are three common injuries that occur in the IT field. If you feel that you could have one, it’s smart to seek medical attention and to talk to your doctor about the injury being linked to your job. You can also talk to your employer about starting a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries.