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Are daycare and childcare worker injuries covered in California?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

School teachers do much to help shape the future of American children, but what about childcare workers? Dedicated individuals like you also play a critical role in preparing our youth for adulthood.

You may be willing to sacrifice a substantial part of your life helping children thrive and build confidence, but you face on-the-job injury risks like the ones below. Fortunately, a workers’ compensation claim can help reduce financial hardships in the aftermath of a workplace injury.

Back and spine injuries

A typical childcare workday involves bending, lifting, reaching and carrying children and heavy items. This constant strain can lead to sometimes debilitating back problems, such as strains or sprains and herniated discs.

Exposure to illness hazards

Children are germ magnets, exposing childcare workers to many illnesses, including influenza and gastrointestinal infections. They may also face exposure to hazardous substances, such as cleaning products and pesticides.

Falling risks

Debris and spills on the floor can cause childcare workers to trip, slip and fall. Three other fall dangers include icy or snowy outdoor conditions, frayed or torn carpeting indoors and unsafe or cluttered stairways.

Ergonomic problems

Repetitive tasks like changing diapers and feeding children can lead to ergonomic problems (carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, etc.). They require medical care and rest to prevent permanent damage.

Even minor injuries can have lasting effects

Some of these injuries may seem minor but can cause lasting problems if not treated properly. For example, unaddressed back pain can get worse over time and make it difficult to work.

Childcare employees are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits like medical care and wage replacement in California. As you may imagine, these benefits can help to ensure your injuries heal rather than worsen. A legal representative may help you prepare your claim without error or undue delays.