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5 common warehouse accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

You work in a warehouse. The salary helps to cover your rent and keep food on the table. Without this job, your livelihood would be at risk. But, one wrong accident could jeopardize your entire life. 

Warehouse workers who are involved in an accident at work shouldn’t have to fear their injuries will prevent them from doing their job. Injured workers may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which can provide them with healthcare benefits and lost wages.

What kind of injuries may lead an injured worker to seek workers’ comp benefits? Here are a few common accidents that you should know about:

1. Falling shipments

Warehouse workers often have to work fast to meet deadlines. Because of this, some workers may improperly stack shipments. When this happens, other workers may be at risk of falling shipments. A heavy crate that falls on a worker could cause internal bleeding, broken bones and even fatal injuries.

2. Forklift collisions 

Forklifts should be operated by users who are trained and experienced. This often isn’t the case, however. Untrained forklift operators may cause injuries seen in similar motor vehicle accidents, such as whiplash, lacerations and head and spine injuries. Furthermore, the prongs on forklifts are often sharp and could penetrate workers. 

3. Heat stroke

2023 has broken the record for one of the hottest summers, and these temperatures may continue to rise. As temperatures rise, many warehouse workers are at risk of serious heat-related injuries, such as heat stroke. Heat stroke can cause victims to fall to the ground and suffer additional injuries such as burns and head injuries. 

4. Hazardous materials 

Many shipments warehouse workers must handle contain hazardous materials. If these shipments are damaged, then workers may be exposed to life-threatening chemicals. Chemical exposure can damage the skin and lungs.

Understanding how your injuries may make you eligible for workers’ compensation could prevent difficulties at home. You may need to reach out for legal help to understand your options.