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When job-related injuries occur in a home care setting 

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Not so very long ago, in-home healthcare was a luxury only made readily accessible to the wealthy under most circumstances. Most people who were suffering as a result of injuries or illnesses could perhaps be treated by a physician in their homes but they didn’t have access to in-home services covered by insurance unless they were in need of hospice. 

Nowadays, there are numerous in-home healthcare services made available to the public. As a result, more and more healthcare professionals are choosing to work either exclusively or on a hybrid schedule in homecare settings. This is significant for many reasons, including the fact that filing for workers’ compensation benefits in the wake of sustaining an injury while working in a homecare setting can be uniquely challenging. 

Eligibility and proof

There is no location eligibility requirement applied to workers’ compensation claims in California. An employee who is covered by workers’ comp insurance only needs to have been engaged in a work-related activity at the time of sustaining physical harm to qualify for benefits. However, proving that an injury that occurred in a homecare setting, especially if there were no witnesses, can be tough. Seeking legal guidance can be helpful, as a result. 

By understanding the protections you’re afforded by your workers’ compensation coverage, you’ll be more fully empowered to apply for benefits if you’re ever in need of them. All too often, workers who are entitled to benefits fail to apply for them because they’re under the impression that they’re not owed anything. Don’t let an opportunity to be less burdened financially pass you by.