What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks for all your help, support, guidance and kindness. Everything in my case changed for way better as soon as you became my attorney. I and my family will be forever indebted to you. - F.Y.

Mr. Stevens agreed to help with my case at the last minute before the court hearing. He re--arranged his schedule to represent me at the hearing the next day. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, gave me lots of good advice and feels all the pains of injured workers. I am impressed by his knowledge and kindness.

Howard Stevens possesses a wealth of practical knowledge of how the California workers' compensation system works, both as a managing attorney of a large law firm that represents defendants and as an in-the-trenches litigator. Also he has written several professional articles aimed at practicing workers' compensation attorneys. He knows his stuff. Now that he is on the side of injured workers, Mr. Stevens' clients will benefit as he knows how the other side evaluates and litigates claims.

I endorse this lawyer. Howard is a wonderful and very experienced attorney. He has a real love of the law and his practical application to each case is superb!

Mr. Stevens is an honored attorney practicing in the California Workers' Compensation field for many, many years, and has been an influential mentor to the industry and many of its practitioners. He has been an advocate before the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), and has also devoted his own time to act as a Pro Tem Judge for that tribunal. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of representation before the WCAB, and without reservation suggest him due to his expertise in this field of law, the depth of his experience which he brings to his clients and their issues, and the passion he devotes to the representation of his clientele.